How to make gloves

Have you thought you can sew gloves of cloth?
It's rather easy. Why not try?

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Pure white gloves 


Patterns and cutting

Patterns. Print out on the A4 paper.
These pieces are the right. The left is reverse.
Needs 1/8 inch of seam allowance.

These parts are for the left hand.


  1. Sew the gussets to the back of fingers.
    b' - c - d' and d'' - e - f' and f'' - g - h'.
  2. Sew the wrist to the top of the forefinger continuously.
    a - b - b' - c - d'- d - d''- e - f' - f - f'' - g - h' - h - h''.
  3. Sew the thumb (i - k - i).
  4. Sew the thumb to the hole of the palm (i - j - i).
  5. Fold the wrist and stitch around.
  6. Trim the wrist with furry tape.

The patterns are rough a little.
I'm not sure whether the patterns fit your hand.
You may need to alter the outlines of the patterns.

Sew the back and gussetsSewed fingers and gussetsSew the thumb
TrimmingFinished with trimming.

Colorful gloves
Made of two-way stretch, with chains.
Camouflage gloves
Thick furry cloth.