Easy sewing examples.
I'm not very good at sewing. Because I am self-taught.
If you are a beginner, it's not problem.
Shoes baby


Sweat shirt
Men's polo shirt using rib knit fabric.

Cloth gloves
5 finger glove

Panda apron
Bedroom slippers warm and soft.
Indoor boots
Night socks
Night vest

Sundress for kid

Baby cape
Baby mittens
Baby shoes
Baby dress
Baby bonnet

boy in cap
Cap (casquette)
for kid.

Flat cap (cloth cap)
Reversible hat
Tulip hat
Tulip hat
reversible too.
Cap of stretch fabric very easy sewing.

Shopping bag

Strawberry cake of felt.
Strawberry and cream

Nuno Life Creative blog.

Felt mouseMouse pincushion
Bag of black catCat pouch
Toadstool, Sundress, one-piece, cat scarf, ladybug cushion, and so on.