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Soft and comfortable brassiere made of 2 way stretch cloth and stretch lace.
Pure white bra

Non-stretch cloth is unapt for cups.
Making is rather easy because it's pullover.
I name it "holiday bra".
Even if this type of bra makes your breast low, no concern of mine.




Print the pattern on A4 paper.


Cut the cloth added the seam allowance.
Sew the darts.
Fold the margin outside. Then put the narrow lace on the edge and stitch it.
The lace is shorter than the edge a little and strain it when sewing it.
Make gathers near the dart.
Sew cups

Sew the cup to the wide lace of half.
Make the wide lace a loop.
Pass the straps through the adjusters then sew them to the cups and lace.
Attach straps

Attach a ribbon.
Holiday bra


Bra and panty of the same cloth (Stretch cotton).
Polka dot
Straps are made with the narrow lace of double.
The cutting is almost the same as Calla hanty.
And trimmed with the narrow lace.

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