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Upgrade design

Design of hanty is depend on the handkerchief.
Basic hanty

Apply of cutting

Some of handkerchieves request your consideration.

Example 1 : Same direction patterns

It's not good to cut on the bias.
But the handkerchief is smaller. So connect the parts of 'A' and 'B' to the front.
This is the result. Rather small size because it doesn't stretch.
Flying butterfliesPattern

Example 2 : Big pattern

It's very difficult.
Make up for the shortage of cloth at the side with wide black lase.
Sew the ends of elastic to the joint of lace and cloth.
The logo of 'Hanae Mori' is upside down. Look at this hanty.
Artistic handkerchiefPutting patterns

Example 3 : Square pattern

All flowers grows up to the center.
Front is a piece, but the crotch is divided in two.
Connect the sides with white lace.
Look at this.
White spaceCutting

Example 4 : Separated with lace

It's not difficult. But I dared to make it complex.
Divided the front in V letter, then connected with black lace. Here it is.
Calla linePlacing

Cut off the width of the lace.
Revision the patternsSewing


Be careful the order of sewing.

  1. Sew the lace to the triangle cloth of front.
  2. Sew the back to the small side parts. Sew it to the crotch.
  3. Sew the lace to the hem of the back and pass the elastic through.
    Sew the ends of elastic to the cloth.
  4. Sew the crotch to the front.
  5. Sew the wide lace to the side cloth.
  6. Attach ribbons. Elastic into the waist.

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