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Lace underwear making

Tiny lacy panty, not from a handkerchief.
Lace wear



Print the pattern on A4 paper.


Cut the cloth.
The front and the crotch are united. The back and the lining are the same.

Add seam allowance. But no need at the waist of the front.
The hem of the front is formed as pattern of the lace.

Sew the crotch to the back (red line in the picture below).
Don't sew hem of the lining (blue line).
Crotch sewing

Fold the hem of thigh inside and stitch zigzag.
Fold and stitch the waist of the back.

Sew the stretch lace to the thigh.
Stretch lace

Sew the stretch lace to the waist.
Adjust the length of the lace to your waist size.

Attach ribbons.
Lacy garment

Front and back.
Front viewBack

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