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Sewing of hanty

When you use middle gathered lace, at first sew the cloth of front, then put and sew the lace on the sew-line.
Basic hanty

Sew the front

Cut the lace in 20 centimeters and gather it. Make two.
Put gathered lace between the front-side and the front and sew.
Make the both ends of the lace diminish.

I recommend pre-gathered lace.
Stitch zigzag or lock the seam allowance and stitch from outside.
Sew lineClose-up

Sew the crotch

Put the front between two pieces of crotch and sew.
Front and crotchInside

Turn inside out the crotch and sew to the back cloth.
(If you feel difficulty, observe your panty. It's easy!)
Sew crotch and backHow to sew the crotch

Stitch from outside.
Sew up the front and back at sides.

Waist and hem

Make zigzag stitches on the seam allowance.

Fold the allowance of the waist and stitch.
Don't sew 0.5cm to put the elastic.
Sew hem of groins too.

Attach lace.
Attach lace

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