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Panda apron

An apron designed of a giant panda.
The bib is the head of panda. It's double.
Apron panda


This drawing is only an example.
You will alter the design and size as you like.
Drawing of panda apron
A square is 5cm × 5cm (for 150 - 170cm tall).



Needs seam allowance of 1.2 - 2.5cm.
Around the ear is 1cm.
Eye patches and legs (applique) don't need.


Sew the ears to the head.
Put a strap between the ear and sew up the bib.
Sew earsSew bib

Turn inside out.
Fold the seam allowance and stitch around.
Turn inside out

Stitch the pockets (you can omit).
Attach eye-patches and legs with zigzag stitch or blanket stitch.
Embroider the nose (and the mouth if you like).
Sew the buttons (you can omit).
Stitch aroundFace

Attach D-ring on the side (I should have done before stitching around).
If you don't use rings, sew the neck strap and 2 waist straps.
D ringApron

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