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Tulip hat

Another tulip hat which has the oval top crown.
Of course, it is reversible.
A side is red, another is dots on a yellow ground.
Red tulip hat

How to make

Almost the same as blue tulip hat. But difficult just a little.


Cut the pieces with seam allowance of 0.5-0.7 centimeters.
Parts of hat

Sew up side crown to a ring.
Spread the seam allowance. Stitch on the both.
Sew crownStitch

Sew the top crown to the side.
Sew top

Make another side.
Sew up both around at the edge except the opening.
Sew edge

Stitch the seam allowance of around the top crowns to fix them.
Sew inside

Turn inside out. Close the opening.
Stitch at the edge.
CloseDot side

Make the brim bigger, it will be more tulip-like.
Tulip hatPattern alter


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