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Strawberry cake

A round cake of felt and rayon. Diameter is 12.5 centimeters.
Apply to chocolate cake, cherry cake, and so on.
Strawberry cake

Process of making

You make your own favorite cake in any size.

Cut 2 circles and 3 strips.
Cloth cutting

Sew them to make the base of the cake.
Turn inside out and stuff it with polyester fiberfill.
You may insert thick paper in the side and bottom.

Stitch a red ribbon on the side. These are pieces of strawberry ... I intend.
Stitch a ribbon

Cut rayon cloth bias. Fold it several times. It is cream.
Stitch the cream on the edge.
CreamClse-upStitch the cream line


Try to make toppings or candles as you like.
Fruit toppingMake candles

Cake on lace cloth (not paper).


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