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Baby cape

A warm cape with nekomimi (cat ears).
If you omit the ears, it is easier.
The size is roughly. Maybe for 80cm baby.
Baby cape

Drawing and cutting


I used very short fur fabric.
Cut the cloth with the seam allowance (The front 4cm, neck and hood 1cm, hem 2cm, other 1.5cm).
I attached velvet ribbons. You may use snap buttons or Velcro (fastening tapes) instead.
Sometimes hood and strings are dangerous for babies.

How to make

Sew up the shoulders to sides.
Sew up the middle of the hood.
Sew the ears and turn inside out.
Sew the ears to the hood.
SewHood with nekomimi

Fold the hem inside and whip.
Sew the hood to the bodice. At the same time attach the ribbons.
Stitch the front inside.
Whip the hem.
Sew the hoodCape with nekomimi

This is 63cm baby
Baby doll in cape


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