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Flat cap (cloth cap)

Why not make a flat cap for your father? This is made of blue denim.
In my country, a cap like this is called "hunting cap".



When printing on A4 paper, set the margin less.
The size (around the head) is 58 centimeters.
If you need the size 56 (22 inches), print the pattern in 96.6%.


Cut pieces with seam allowance of 0.5cm.
But around the head (C-D, C-F-G of crown and F-G-F of brim) needs 0.8-1cm.
The interfacing doesn't have seam allowance.
Cutting of cap

Sew the dart (E-D).
Put a bias tape on spread seam allowance, stitch it.
Sew dartSew tapeClose up

Sew the side crown to the top crown. And stitch seams.
Sew side crownUpside downStitch seam

Sew up the brim. Outside brim is larger 0.2cm than inside brim.
Turn inside out.
Put interfacing in the brim. Stitch around.
If the interfacing is too hard, omit the stitch of the edge.
Sew brimStitch brim

Sew the brim to the crown.
Zigzag stitch on the seam allowance.
Sew brim to crown

Fold the hem, stitch a ribbon.
Stitch tape

Sew the front of crown to the brim.
Fix crownFlat cap

Instead, make eyelets on the brim and crown together.

If you like flexible size, unseam the dart about 5cm, and attach a button.
The loop is chain stitch of an elastic thread.
With buttonSummer cloth cap



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