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Bedroom slippers

Japanese take the shoes off in the personal house to keep out soil dust.
In the winter, we need the warm and clean slippers.
We call them "room shoes".

Material and pattern

I used polyester fleece for outer shoe, and furry fabric for inner shoe.
The sole is leather.

Print pattern out on A4 paper.
Enlarge or shrink if you need.


From the left to the right,
Inner sole, sole, instep (outer shoe), instep, sole (lining), leather sole.
Needed 0.4 - 0.6 centimeters as seam allowance.
But inner sole and leather sole don't need.

How to make

Sew the lining shoe.

Make inner shoe.
Sew up the heel of instep.
Gather the toe of instep. Sew the sole to upper.
Sew soleSew the lining

Make outer shoe in the same way.
Sew the outer

Sew the inner sole to the sole to make the sole thick.
You may omit it or attach more soles.
Sew the insole

Sew up the outer and the lining except the opening.
Sew up together

Turn inside out half.
Sew up the seam allowance of outer shoe and the seam allowance of lining roughly.
It makes the liner fix to the outer.

Sew the opening with ladder stitches.

Attach the leather sole with hand-stitch.
Attach the soleMake pinholes

Attach ribbons, trimming fur, and so on.
Cloth slippers


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