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Sweat shirt

Sweatshirt of polyester fleece and rib knit fabric.
Fleece is cheaper than sweat fabric.


Breast 120 cm, length 60 cm. The unit is centimeter.
A square is 5cm × 5cm.
You'll be able to make any size by altering the square.
C to B is the same length as C to F.


Seam allowance ... 1 - 1.5cm.
Width of rib knit ... 50% for cuff, 70% for neck and bottom.
Parts of sweatshirt


Sew the sleeves to the bodice.
Lock of zigzag stitch on the seam allowance.
Sew the sleeves to the body

Sew a cuff around.
Fold it. Stretch it and sew it to a sleeve.
CuffsAttach cuff

Trim the neckline with rib knit.
Attach the lower band.
Sweat shirt


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