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Baby dress

In my country, parents dress their newborn baby up with a white long dress in the ceremony at shrine.
The dress is not only for girl baby.
Baby dress

Materials and cutting

Cutting of dress
Bodice and sleeve need seam allowance.
The skirt is about 110cm (width) × 60cm (height).
You can omit laces.

When printing on A4 paper, make the margin small.

Process of sewing

Attach interfacing to the facing of bodice.
Sew up the shoulders.
Sew lace to the neckline. Hem with bias tape.

Gather the sleeves, and sew them to bodice.
Sew up the side of sleeve and waist.
Attach lace to the sleeve. Pass through elastic in a cuff.

Make gathers at the skirt. Sew it to the waist.
Stitch the facing.

Sew snaps and buttons at the front.
Tie a ribbon.
Dress for baby

Baby in dressBaby doll (60cm).


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