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Men's polo shirt

Polo shirt with fastener is easier to make than shirt.
Why not make one for your boyfriend?



Breast 108cm, length 70cm.
The unit is centimeter.
Draw for polo
I don't promise that it fits for you.
I recommend buying pattern of ordinary shirt.


Parts of polo
Add seam allowance (1 - 1.5cm, bottom 3cm).

Cutting of rib knit. 8 × 40cm for collar. 16 × 20cm for a sleeve.


Sew the pocket.

Sew the fastener.
Cut the middle of the front like Y letter.
Fold the edge and iron it (Refer to bag).
FastenerSew fastener
This fastener appears outside.

Fold the both edges of the collar a little, then sew it minutely.
Sew the collar to the bodice.
Sew collarCollar sewn

Sew the shoulder to bodice.
Sew sleeve

Sew up the lower sleeve and the side of bodice.
Make the slits.
Side slit

Sew a cuff cylinder. Fold it in 2.
Sew the cuff to the sleeve.
Cuffs of ribAttach cuff

Handmade polo shirt

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