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Cap with visor. Size 50cm.
You can omit lining.
Cap on

Material and pattern

6 pieces of crown. 2 pieces of visor. Cut the bias cloth with 1cm margin.
I used thick paper for the padding of visor, because it is for a doll.
When you make for human, use washable hard cloth or interfacing.
A button. Lining cloth.

Pattern of cap.

How to make

Sew the crown.
Sew the outside visor to the crown.
Sew the crownAttach the visor

Sew up 2 pieces of visor.
Turn the visor inside out. Put a padding into the visor.

Fold the hem of the crown.
Sew the lining of crown. Stitch it to the crown.
If you omit the lining, stitch a ribbon to the hem inside.

Wrap the button with small cloth.

Stitch the button to the top of the crown.


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