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Make small pouch of cloth. It's pretty and convenient.
This example is Kinchaku. It is tied with two strings.
Japanesque pouch

How to make

Cut cloth circle and rectangle. A side of rectangle is the same as circumference.

Sew up the pieces to form a bag. Don't sew the passage (about 5cm).
SewSew the upper

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Make two. One is the lining. Yes, you may use it a reversible pouch.
Sew up each upper hem except the opening.
2 pouchesSew up two

Make a pad of the bottom.
Cut plastic plate a circle. Wrap it with thick soft cloth.
Bottom padMake pad

Stitch the pad to the seam allowance of the bottom.
Turn inside out. Close the opening.
Stitch the padOutside

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Stitch 2 lines as passage.
Pass through 2 strings.
Attach a wood bead to the top of the string.
Stitch the passagePass strings

Kinchaku pouch

A pouch of chirimen cloth with lace. The bottom is square.
Chirimen pouch


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